Jul 9, 2013

The Originals: Meet Sophie the Witch

Sophie The Originals

Meet Sophie the Witch


Sophie Deveraux is described as a sexy leader armed with a sharp tongue and confidence. She is a social force, planting the seeds of a revolution amongst her peers in the small French Quarter of New Orleans. Her sister Jane-Anne had great confidence in Sophie, stating that she was never wrong.

When we meet Sophie, she's mired in grief after a devastating loss, but her sadness is overpowered by her anger. Under the rule of a maniacal vampire, New Orleans' witches aren't allowed to practice true magic but Sophie isn't interested in being helpless anymore. We can expect to see her form a tentative alliance with Elijah, who is focused on keeping his brother, Klaus, in line.

 Meet Sophie the Witch


Sophie and Klaus first met when Klaus came to speak to her about a supposed plan to take him down. Sophie then leaves and sees him again later that evening when she confirms Hayley is pregnant. Then Klaus eventually agrees to help her take down Marcel because of her threatening opposition to kill his "family".
    "He does what he wants, he kills who he wants.
    I'm gonna stop him and you're gonna help me.”
           — Sophie to Klaus about Marcel
Elijah and Sophie met when Elijah arrived in New Orleans to help Klaus and saved Sophie from Marcel's men. They began working together.

Powers and Abilities

Sophie stated that she had a special gift for knowing when a woman is pregnant. This is backed up by her sister, and correctly stating that Hayley was pregnant with Klaus' child.

Physical Appearance

Sophie is in her mid 20s and attractive with long brown hair, and slim.

Played by: Daniella Pineda

 Meet Sophie the Witch

Born February 20, 1987, Daniella Pineda is Mexican-American actress and comedian from Oakland, California.  

Daniella Pineda's Filmography

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    Newlyweds (2011)

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    Men of a Certain Age (2010) "Same as the Old Boss"
    CH Originals (2010-2011) "POV: Rock Concert"
    Midnight Sun (2012) (NBC pilot)
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    The Originals (2013)

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